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Our Service


Precision Sheet Metal M.S, S.S and Aluminums

We can provide a bunch of range for precision sheet metal components as per the required specifications. As we are having technical team with excellent knowledge, we can deliver bulk orders for you. Each of the precision sheet metal components manufactured by us possesses a high degree of durability, performance and price competitiveness. Our technical team can assure you about dimensional accuracy, High Tolerance Rate, Corrosion and heat resistance, Rigid, High strength and toughen.

The precision sheet metal components manufactured by us are highly advanced pressing, casting. You mostly found this kind of parts in large industries application like railways, heavy engineering, construction, electrical, automobile, etc.



Laser Cutting Service

C.N.C. Laser Cutting Machine for M.S upto 20MM, S.S upto 12MM Aluminium upto 6MM. We offer high precision laser cutting services with latest machinery of C.N.C. Laser Cutting Machine. These high quality laser cutting services we offer to our clients can be available at lowest rate in current market. Further we are having experts in laser cutting process who have sound understanding of laser technology which is mostly used for cutting industrial materials.

All sheet metal parts by C.N.C. Laser cutting and precision fabrications for all engineering needs from quantity to volume quantities as per your specifications and requirements in Mild Steel (M.S), Stainless Steel (S.S), Brass, Aluminum or any metals.
Our laser cutting services are extensively used to cut and fabricate normal and complex kinds of industrial parts using sheet metal of various thickness and sizes.



Laser Fabrication Parts

Laser fabrication parts services are globally used in industries like Automobile, Textiles, Engineering, Electrical, Power, and lots more. We can provide the Laser fabrication service as per client's requirements and dimensional diagram through drawing. Our excellent team can assure you about dimensional accuracy, High Tolerance Rate, Rigid, High strength and toughen.