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Our Products

1Auto Parts
2Textile Parts
3Electrical Parts
4 Architectural Parts
5 Submersible parts

Services Which we are providing

1 Precision Sheet Metal M.S, S.S and Aluminums
2Laser Cutting Service
3Laser Fabrication Parts

Our Mission

" We have always achieved an extra ordinary growth and became successful, is a result of our dedication and efficiency of service to the industry. Our company works with a philosophy of centralization for customer focus, customer approach and customer satisfaction."


Welcome to Goghanth Industries!

Goghnath Industries is one of the prominent precision fabricator in Gujarat at Ahmeadaba established and growth with the goal to being the leader in the world of Sheet Metal Components and Fabrication.

Goghnath Industries is company for Manufacturing & Supply of Precision Sheet Metal Components.

We are providing the extraordinary service with our core areas like Laser Cutting Services,Complex Laser Cutting Work, Sheet metal Precision Fabrications,Welded Assemblies, Architectural part cutting work, etc.

We are having the state of the art infrastructure where we have all well known company machines as well as experienced staffs which are providing their service for outputting your quality work with the way of excellence. We have growth our business by adopting the latest, extraordinary and advanced technology at Goghnath Industries.

Regularly we are providing the required training to the staff and creating the awareness towards the global challenges to overcome the cost, quality and deliveries. Which is creating the extra value of our organization.

At Goghnath Industries all activities are being managed with principles. Authorities are distributed at all the levels and integration of activities is being managed by authorized persons time to time. All the work related to Laser Cutting Services, Precision-Metal Fabrications, and Complex Laser Cutting work is being centrally managed by implementation of various management systems of marketing, procurement and production, finance, HRD etc.